best chicken tandoori near me

The best chicken tandoori near me: India Today

The best Chicken tandoori near me: India Today

When anyone searches for the best Chicken tandoori near me; India Today is the answer. India Today serves the best Chicken tandoori. Either you are enjoying your vacation or passing by; you can try out. It would be unbelievable for you that you are getting a taste of Indian food in Queensland. Aussie food culture is different because it includes a combination blend of European tactics and techniques. Not only this, it has a mixture of both, Mediterranean and Asian flavors. Aussies believe in innovation and experimenting. They have taken inspiration from British culinary. They have also merged flavors from other countries outside their geographical boundaries.


Food Culture of Indian Origin:


Australian’s gives importance to their traditional food. They have taken inspiration from the British and European, delectable food culture; India Today will make you experience, the best culinary taste ever. We have got some, astounding multi-course feast. Fresh nuts like almonds and cashews are used in most of the items. It gives a rich taste to Indian cuisine.

Our dining and Take away experience will give you, an awesome vibe. We understand your food emotions and, ensure you that you would get more than, what you are expecting here. India Today will give you, the flavor of North Indian-style cuisine.

The best chicken tandoor in Maroochydore-India Today


Maroochydore is a city of culture, food, and adventure. Relish your Appetite with the best desi flavors. India Today always pays humble, Tribute to all cuisines of India. In Queensland, India Today has Acquired a place in the heart of everyone. The luxurious Indian décor will grab your notice; there are several delectable items for you, to enjoy Mughlai on your plate. The preparation method is traditional. Our expert chefs have researched all north Indian delicacies,  India Today: the best Chicken tandoori near me complimented for both the dine-in and,  takeaways. Every serving presented, with a unique smile to make customers feel comfortable.

best chicken tandoori near me

Chicken -The best item for preparing tandoori


The word tandoori means cooking in the clay oven. Roasting is the main cooking style. There are several tandoori items, enjoyed. It can be both veg or non-veg. But among them, Chicken is the best. People prefer it the most. India Today-best chicken tandoor in Maroochydore,  chooses the best, and healthy succulent Chicken. Proper Chicken enhances the taste of the tandoori food in, India today.


The ideal destination for the foodie: India Today


To satiate all the hunger of tandoori lovers, India is bliss. Chicken tandoori is very appetizing here. It would be unimaginable for you, to believe that you are in Maroochydore. You can relish the best Chicken tandoori in Queensland in the cozy ambiance. Chicken tandoori in India Today will give you the essence of Mughlai culture in your platter. India Today is a perfect place where you can gossip, enjoy a drink, dine and enjoy the best bite.


The exceptional food culture of India

The same goes for the food culture. You can come across both the traditional and regional cuisines. All the cuisines are unique. Due to the climate, you can experience several changes in cultivation. There are veggies, spices, herbs, condiments grown by our farmers. The Indian cuisines are epic. It is more than eight thousand years. India Today-best chicken tandoori near me expert chefs have researched the Indian food culture.


They have sorted out perfect cuisines, which depict the tradition. Meal preparation is unique. The preparation based according to the traditional way. It enhances the flavor. India Today gives you, the flavors of the Indian Regions. The regions are Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Uttaranchal, Punjab. Other than this it gives out the flavor of Peshawar, Delhi. It brings food inspiration from Northern India. Whether it is monsoon climate, the herbs and freshly grown in these areas are good. It gives an authentic taste to all the cuisines prepared. India Today: the best Chicken tandoori near me prepares every item with love and care.


Care for the cuisine preparation: India Today


We keep in mind all the processes. Enjoy every bite. When you close your eyes, your mind will lead you to the heavenly plains or the monsoonal destination.

India Today also advanced all the Mughal Cuisines of Lucknow. Lucknow is a land of the sophisticated and decent culture of all Nawabs and Kings. India Today: The best Chicken tandoori near me; will present you the invincible treats. Not only tandooris there is a wide range of other items to choose from. Desserts are also yum here in India Today.

India Today: Chicken Tandoori Recipe

India Today guarantees to give you, the best food ever. The Chicken Tandoori made in a clay oven in India Todaybest chicken tandoori near me. Firstly, tender Chicken is best for the recipe. Secondly, proper margination is a must. Thirdly, hung curd and spices like Onion, Ginger, chili, and the tandoori masala. Because it makes the chicken tender and flavorful. Chicken Tandoori both preferred as an appetizer or starter, Moreover, the grilling process enhances the smoky flavor. The best thing to go with is tandoori bread or naan bread. India Today Chicken tandoori will mesmerize you. Whenever you opt for the best chicken tandoor in Maroochydore, India Today is the best.


Reservations Available


India Today:  the best Chicken tandoori near me welcomes with, gratitude all our guests. For availing discounts, every customer needs to pay $30. It will be different with all the delivery charges. Not only that  India Today:  the best Chicken tandoori near me gives a 10% discount on some of the items.


Order Online in the best Chicken tandoori near me


In conclusion, India Today has a plethora of heavenly food items, to enjoy. Savor your tongue in the ultimate food junction in Queensland. Other than music, food is the item which gives you, the ultimate pleasure and relaxation. Experience the indigenous cuisine of North India. Every bite would take you to the peak of pleasure.

India Today- best Chicken tandoori near me; because we pay heed to your taste and bring the same what you want. We look after your health and prepare the cuisine according to your Appetite. Whether you belong to any region, community, creed, you are warm welcome to our venue. If you are not willing to cook, tired of work, want to dine out with family or mates. Leave it to us.

We would take care of the entire thing. Not only tandoori, but you can also order veg and non-veg items like Chicken, Paneer, Raita, and many more at an affordable rate. The rates may differ because of the special seasonal ingredients applied to the dish. The condiments are fresh and healthy.

Best Indian Buffet Maroochydore


Best Indian Buffet Maroochydore

Serving North India on a Plate

At India Today skilled chefs prepare the best Indian buffet. India is the land of diversification, North to South, East to West the wide variety of cultures comes with diverse food choices. Indian cuisine is all about aromatic spices, blended carefully and the varied proportion of each spice gives different dishes their quintessential flavor. If you are looking for the best Indian dishes takeaway, your search ends here. In India today, meals are crafted to perfection to make you come back for more of the delicacies.

The Master of Spices

The food connoisseurs know, food not only curbs the hunger of the stomach but also feeds the soul. India Today is known for serving the best Indian buffet, an array of dishes all cooked with the utmost care and attention to detail. Each bite you will be savoring holds the patience and skills accumulated by the chef from many years of experience. Among many of the Indian cuisines, North Indian cuisine is famous for the creamy gravies and blend of spices, cooked with dairy products especially clarified butter, also known as ghee. The vibrant colors lend the dishes their additional charisma, amplifying hunger from deep within. Best Indian food preparation takes knowledge and India Today chefs have plenty of it. The spices are sourced from an authentic source which upholds the rich Indian heritage and also adds up to the delightful taste of the dishes. The spices include cardamom, clove, nutmeg and mace, Cassia bark or Chinese cinnamon, black pepper, and cumin. For getting the best taste, the spices are often dry roasted before blending, this also magnifies their aroma. Each of these spices has various health benefits, another reason to treat your taste buds with North Indian delights. The dishes also have extensive use of cashew, almonds, and other nuts which add to the texture of gravy as well as taste.

The Origin

The origin of North Indian food can be traced back to the regions of Jammu and Kashmir, Uttaranchal, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, and Punjab. The availability of various veggies throughout the year added to their variety of menu. One of the most sought-after dishes, butter chicken was invented by Kundan Lal Gujral, who belonged to the undivided Peshwar who later opened a restaurant in Delhi. India Today, the best Indian dine-in restaurant in Maroochydore offers this historic dish, which is also known as Malai Murgh in India. The chefs prepare the food with ultimate care as they serve North India to you on a plate. Though bread cooked in tandoor oven also known as naan is famous, India Today also offers Indian bread and rice so you can choose from a wide range as per your cravings. Lentils, dishes with paneer are also there in the menu that introduces you to the native Indian food habits.

Services Offered

Apart from offering the best dine-in and buffet services, India Today has a separate takeaway menu. The menu consists of their specials which you can order if you are in a mood to enjoy the taste of North India from the comfort of your home. One of their menu specials is pizza naan, which merges the Italian taste with the native North Indian flavor, something out of the box to try out. Their takeaway menu has special combos for kids, designed as a complete meal for their best appetite. Furthermore, India Today also caters to your special occasions and delivers to various event venues and cafes. Choose from a wide variety of dishes from their menu depending on headcount. India Today understands the importance of special events, anniversaries, and birthdays. You focus on the other arrangements while India today will take care of the food and make your gala day a memorable one, taking care of every detail at their end.


The chefs at India Today are artists, the kitchen is their canvas and the dishes are their art. Every bite you take will speak for the culinary skills acquired by the chefs after years of hard work and their eye for detail will amaze you. Staring from the best chicken tandoori, curry, and diverse choices of rice- it is very hard to pick one and term it as their finest. Among many of them, the must-try items include Vegetarian Samosa, Onion bhurjee, Lamb Seekh Kabab, Chicken Biriyani, Veg Saagwala, Paneer Tikka, and Pizza naans. Their non-vegetarian mains are also famous and you get to choose from a long list of options. Their options include beef, lamb, chicken, goat, seafood, prawns, and finally fish. Amritsari fish is also another mouth-watering preparation that holds up the North Indian palette.

The Best Dine-in Restaurant in Maroochydore

A restaurant is not only about its food, it also consists of ambiance and hospitality. India Today with its immaculate and lavish décor tries to paint a picture of the North Indian culture, maintaining a color balance that is eye soothing. Starting from the entrance to the seating arrangements, everything resembles the North Indian royal heritage, the one that can be seen in the historic palaces. Soaked up in refinement, you will find yourself mesmerized with every corner of the place. The intricate artistry elevates the interior to a notch higher which speaks for the fine taste. Hospitality is another aspect in India Today that will catch your attention. Warm hospitality will make you feel at home while you enjoy your meal. Also, cleanliness and proper hygiene are taken care of with sanitization as per safety measures.

Reserve and Revel

With all the important details added, you can make an informed decision. India Today always suggests booking your table, with the reservation you can enjoy the most out a restaurant visit. Pick your day and time to treat yourself with the best North Indian food near you, you are going to relish every bite. India Today, known for offering the best Indian buffet is surely going to take care of all your cravings to make sure your taste buds delve into scrumptious pleasure.


Must Tried Dishes That You Can Avail In The Best Dining In Restaurant In Australia

People often prefer to experience the country’s food in order to recognize their culture. And it is absolutely true about Indian cuisine. With their unique taste and bold flavours, Indian dishes have become the global sensation over the year. No matter where are you now, you will get Indian food in most famous restaurants around the globe.

Indian food has been greatly influenced by some Hinduism, culture choices, and traditions. Indian cuisine also influenced by centuries of Islamic rule, specifically the Mughal rule. Chicken is a pretty popular delicacy and is regular ingredients in the equally popular and ubiquitous Indian barbeques.

Indian items often feature a great balance of veggies, meat (especially chicken and mutton), organic spices, and rice. We, you might be wondering what to taste in Indian cuisine, we have got you coved.

Delicate Indian Dishes you Must Eat

  • Try the Iconic Spicy Tikka Masala:

One of the most popular of all Indian dishes, Tikka Masala is an institution in itself. This is widely considered the country’s popular dish and in 2001 Robin Cook (British Foreign Secretary) gave a speech in which he addressed Tikka Masala as the symbols of modern multicultural Britain. The spicy gravy was added in order to satisfy the appetite of British people to have their meat served in gravy.


This dish is made up of meat (beef/ chicken/ mutton) onion, capsicum, tomato, butter, cream, and organic Indian spices, it is served with almost every meal of the day.

  • Devour the Tender and Juicy Rogan Josh:

Rogan Josh, it defines, the dish prepared in oil at intense heat. There is another interpretation; the Rogan Josh comes from the word “Rogan” which means “Red colour” and the “Josh” means “Heat” or “Passion”.

The boneless meat (Lamb/ Mutton/ Beef/ Chicken) is marinated with yoghurt and various organic spices including chilli powder, ginger powder, green asafoetida, cinnamon sticks, green cardamom, bay leaves, cloves, and saffron.

Well, Rogan Josh goes well with any Indian bread or steamed rice.

  • Have the Delicious Chicken Biryani:

Biryani is just not a dish; it is basically a pheromone that doesn’t happen each and every day! This is such a versatile dish since it can be prepared using different meats and veggies. Biryani contains distinct flavours that come from the spices that are added to it. The major spices include cinnamon, cardamom, cloves. These spices give the dish an additional aroma that can be smelled from meters away. Another major aspect of cooking biryani is the meat should be marinated properly. The more you marinate the meat (chicken) the more it will juicy and tender.

Chicken biryani is well severed with green salad and raita. If you want to have a delicious chicken biryani, then you can go to Prego restaurant, Australia, and experience the best dine in restaurant in Perth.

  • Need Extra Spicy Dishes, Try Vindaloo:

“Vindaloo” is a famous traditional Indian food. It calls for the meat that required to be marinated in extremely flavoured ingredients along with the vinegar. Vindaloo can be prepared using different kinds of meats including goat, pork, chicken, mutton, beef, and even for a vegetarian version. There are a large number of spices that are added to this dish to make it super spicy and delicate.

The spices include ginger, paprika, turmeric, coriander, cumin, cinnamon, mustard powder, and a healthy amount of chilli flakes. You can have it with butter naan and give yourself a super spicy treat!!!

  • Want a Fusion of Potatoes & Paneers, Try Creamy Malai Kofta:

Malai Kofta is a famous Indian vegetarian dish in which panner and potatoes balls are served with smooth, delicious, rich gravy. The gravy of the Malai Kofta is super flavorful, well balanced with the natural sweetness that comes from the tomatoes and onions.

Making this Indian vegetarian dish at home takes a small amount of time, therefore you can try it on your home for special meals.

Is Indian Cuisine Perfect for You?

There are various delicate Indian dishes that you can try such as Palak Paneer, Veg Jalfrezi, Saagwala, Bombay Masala, Butter Curry. Even though the Indian dishes feature lots of meat, there are plenty of variants for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. From street food to royal cuisine, you will find something that perfectly suits your taste for sure.